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Valterri Bottas And His Future

Valterri Bottas is expected to have his future plans revealed within the next month or two. After a disappointing start to his 2021 campaign Valterri Bottas is in a very difficult situation with his Mercedes future.

With 2 DNFS and a very poor result at Baku where he was in the bottom half of the field for all of the race the pressure is on for the Finn. With him being on 1 year contracts throughout his time at Mercedes you would think Bottas is used to the pressure by now but his 2021 season start has been the worst to date racking up only 47 points compared to teammate Lewis Hamilton on 101 points.

Possible replacements include George Russel who raced for one race for the silver arrows in 2020 and was impressive from the get go qualifying 0.02s behind Bottas on pole and then taking the lead into turn 1 at the start until a messed up pit stop and puncture saw him finish in 9th but pulling off an amazing move around the outside of Bottas that amazed us all.

Other rumoured drivers could be a possible Pierre Gasly who has been on an amazing run of form and seems to be wanting out of the "Red Bull Family." Stoffel Vandoorne could also be a replacement as Mercedes test driver and team driver in Formula E.

"I'm quite open-minded like in life in general, you need to always take opportunites and you just never know what's around the corner. And that's, also having clear goals, what you're pushing for, it has taken me this far, and yes [I] always want to follow my heart and follow my passion." - Valterri Bottas speaking to F1.COM

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