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Toto Wolff, Christian Horner and Mattia Binotto, 'that' Canada situation

In case you missed it, reports over the weekend came out that Toto Wolff had a war of words between team principals and in front the Netlfix cameras.

Reports came in from journalists on Twitter during Saturday that all the team principals were invited to Stefano Domencali's office for a "coffee morning" and the Netflix cameras were there filming everything that went on in that meeting.

Shortly after, it was said that Toto Wolff had 'lost his sh*t' at Red Bull and Ferrari team principals Christian Horner and Mattia Binotto. The argument was apparently over porpoising and the new Technical Directive that the FIA had brought in that weekend to protect the drivers safety.

Both Red Bull and Ferrari were unhappy with how things had played out with the new TD, as it thrown away months of work the teams had done to try and eliminate it themselves. Alongside that, teams were unhappy that the rules were changed, because Mercedes had pushed for that, in order for them to be competitive. However, that has not truly shown yet.

Christian Horner said there had been an "element of theatre" in the meeting, as some team principals were putting on an act for the Netlfix cameras. Although, it is being reported by witnesses that Horner was the one that set Wolff off, by saying that the only reason Mercedes wanted to change the rules, is to make it suit them more than any other team.

Mattia Binotto reportedly jumped in to settle the argument down but did disagree with Wolff that the rules should not have simply changed just because the W13 has not been as successful as Mercedes had hoped.

Toto Wolff later called his rival teams "pitiful" and "disingenuous", as it seemed that they are putting their own cars performance ahead of the drivers safety.

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