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The F1 2023 Game is coming, here is everything you need to know

EA has announced that the yearly installment of the Official F1 Game is on its way so here is everything you need to know.

EA Sports F1 2023 teaser cover

When will the F1 2023 game release?

EA has announced that the new F1 2023 game will be released on the June 16th with players now able to pre-order the game now. Players who pre-order the Champions Edition will be able to play the game three days with it being available on June 13th.

What platform will it be on and where can I buy it?

The yearly F1 game always has its players excited for the new game and this year it looks like the game isa getting turned up a notch. The game will be available on the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC via the EA App, Epic Games Store, and Steam as well as in stores and online.

Braking Point 2

With the return of 'Braking Point' that was last featured in the F1 2021 game it looks as if EA is wanting to make this a bi-yearly story mode. The story once again follows the rivalry between Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler who the story was featured around in 2021. This time around Butler will be your teammate with a new team on the grid known as Konnersport Racing. The new team is set up to look to as a struggling backmarker team looking to move up the F1 gird and compete for titles. New characters and features will be included in the game mode with Codemasters promising twists and turns throughout the story.

Handling and Physics

Codemasters also look to bringing a new handling model to the game that is reportedly similar to the F1 2020 handling which is one of the best F1 games when it comes to car handling and physics. The new handling system is promised to be "more predictable" and pad players will be able to control and save the car better in slides. The F1 2022 game had a poor handling model which was unpredictable with random spikes of wheel spin on the exit of corners causing spins, a lot of understeer and instability with how the car would handle. Codemasters has been working with teams to better understand how the car is meant to feel to the driver and seems to have taken that knowledge onboard.

The team have also been working on the phsyics of the car when it comes to braking, accelerating and cornering. Based on feed back from F1 teams, F1 23 provides "greater balance between aerodynamics and tyre grip." This then results in a "more realistic feel" which is great for gamers both on a wheel or pad. There has also been improvements to the engine torgue and inertia. This allows for more authentic and realistic throttle control allowing for a "greater level of connection to the car."

Screenshot of George Russell from the F1 2023 game

Will the new tracks be in F1 23?

The Las Vegas Grand Prix Circuit along with the Qatar circuit will be available on the game from launch unlike other years when new tracks were added later into the game. Along with the newest additions to the F1 calendar old tracks will be coming back with Paul Ricard, Portimao and Shanghai all featuring on the game from launch too.

Standard and Deluxe Editions - What is featured?

The Standard Edition of the game features Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris on the cover and will come with the F1 World Starter Pack and 5000 PitCoin as a pre-order bonus.

As with previous F1 games F1 23 also has a Champions Edition with this years cover featuring reigning F1 world champion Max Verstappen. The deluxe version of the game comes with time-limited Las Vegas content, Max Verstappen Race Wear Pack, Braking Point 2 Icons, Vanity Item Pack and Dual Entitlement. This version of the game will also come with four new MyTeam Icons, an XP Boost, F1 World Bumper Pack, 18,000 PitCoin and of course the three days early access starting on the 13th of June if it is pre-ordered.

F1 23 game screenshot

Career Mode and MyTeam

Career mode and MyTeam fell short with last years F1 22 game as it seemed that the two biggest modes in the game felt like a copy and paste from F1 21. With F1 games coming every year it is harder for developers to come up with a innovative way to get players involved with these modes with most heading to multiplayer for league racing, open lobbies and esports events.

For F1 2023 a new progression system allows players to play through career mode and level up by completing challneges. RD points have been given a new name and will now be called Tech Points which are awarded for completing challenges and allows drivers to unlock new car uprades, liveries, race suits and helmets.

What is new?

F1 Life has now been rebranded and changed to F1 World which is a new hub for players which has been inspired by the real-world F1 calendar. The new mode links multiple game modes together and consist of Time Trial and Grand Prix for a more complete experience.

Red flags are finally back in the game after a 9 year hiatus last featuring on F1 2014. The red flags will add a new strategic element for players. A new 35% race distance has also been added for F1 2023. It was previously used in the F1 esports series and has now been brought public for this year.

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