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Red Bull no longer cooperate with Juri Vips on any level

Helmut Marko has spoken on the relationship between Juri Vips and Red Bull after the driver was dropped for racist comments.

Juri Vips was dropped as the Red Bull reserve and test driver back in June after racist remarks made on a stream while playing Call of Duty with some friends. Red Bull then launched an investigation into the incident and found it was best that they drop Vips from his role within the team.

Christian Horner spoke to the media saying that although Vips is no longer serving as the reserve and test driver he is still apart of the Red Bull young drivers program. The team would be supporting him from mental health and education perspective according to Horner but it seems as though motorsport adviser Helmut Marko has said otherwise.

Talking to Austrian broadcaster ORF Tirol he said, "I want to be clear, Juri Vips no longer receives any support from Red Bull. You need to be responsible for your actions and as a result, our cooperation has ended.”

He also admitted he was very unhappy with how the relationship ended between Red Bull and Vips ended. Marko also thought it would be very hard to come back from making career ending remarks like that with his own actions being at fault.

Helmut Marko went on to say, “Of course, words are not a reason to destroy the career of a talented athlete. Especially as he apologised. But these are global trends.”

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