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Portugal GP - Race Strategies and Tyres Available

Less than half an hour left for the Portuguese GP, starting at 15:00 GMT, so let's see the fastest pit stop strategies for the frontrunners, as well as each driver's available tyres for the race.

As seen below, for those starting on the soft tyres (Sainz, Ocon, Norris, Gasly, Vettel), the quickest possible race strategy is stopping at some point between the 17th and the 24th lap of the race, and switching to mediums.

For those starting on the medium tyres (Bottas, Hamilton, Verstappen, Perez, Leclerc), the quickest possible strategy is to manage to complete 32-40 laps before stopping to switch to softs.

Pit stop strategies (from @pirellisport on Twitter):

Tyres available for race (from

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