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Oscar Piastri to F1: Consider it done

As it seems, the 2021 Formula 2 Champion could join the F1 grid very soon, how soon are we talking about though?

According to RacingNews365, a mid-season swap, between the Australian driver and Nicholas Latifi, would be the case, as Williams seems really unimpressed with the latter's performance so far this season. Sources say that this could happen right after this weekend's Canadian Grand Prix, so Piastri would race for Williams from the British Grand Prix on. Even if the mid-season swap doesn't happen, what's almost certain is, that the Aussie replaces Latifi after the end of the 2022 season.

Another possible scenario, or speculation, if you may, would be, that the F2 Champion signs with Alpine for 2023, replacing Fernando Alonso. That's very unlikely though, as Alpine looks really satisfied with Alonso's performance and overall image within the team.

Even though many sources report that the move is already done and the contracts have already been signed, Piastri, when asked by Laura Winter, at the Pre Race Show in Baku, about his future, and whether he got any talks going on in the background or not, he said:

"Well, if you look at Instagram or Twitter, then yes, I've already signed a lot of paperwork. But, yeah, all rumours at the moment. There's still a long way to go, but I think I'm allowed to say that things are looking on the up. I feel like I deserve a chance, so I think, next year we should be okay. But, yes, there is nothing sorted yet."

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