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Opinion - Ferrari will not win a title under Mattia Binotto

Mistake, miserable weekends and a championship gone. Who to point the finger at when it comes to Ferrari.

A weekend where Ferrari came in with nothing but a 1-2 on their mind turned into one of their worst performances this season. Strategies, weather and poor performance saw the team not even get a foot on the podium.

The team made one of the weirdest stratgy calls of the year pitting Charles Leclerc for a set of Hard tyres during the race after two sets of mediums just over half way into the race and then eventually pitting him for a set of Softs but the damage was done for him and his championship hopes. The Hards just wouldn't warm up in the race due to the weather conditions with the threat of rain and low temperatures and one has to wonder who on the pitwall and strategy team made that decision.

It is not the first time Ferrari have made a strategic error with Leclerc this season after they double stacked him with teammate Carlos Sainz at a rain soaked Monaco Grand Prix. Along with strategic problems Leclerc and Sainz have both seen a run of reliability issues numerous times this season. Leclerc's championship hopes taking dent after dent through May, June and July after such a strong start to the season with what looked like a very powerful reliable car compared to rivals Red Bull and Verstappen.

Team boss Mattia Binotto has endlessly defended the team on their mistakes and reliability issues promising that the car will no longer have problems or his strategy team need any desperate changes. Binotto blamed the Hungarian Grand Prix issues on the car giving the media the same answer of "the car is just under performing." How long though can Binotto keep blaming the car for his employees mistakes and miscalculations.

It always seems as if Ferrari plan for every situation expect for the one they get themselves into. Meanwhile rivals Red Bull and Mercedes are very flexible on strategies and seem to have their strategies down to perfection no matter the situation.

Yes Binotto is not always to blame when it comes to strategy but at the same time he needs to chose who he wants making those decisions. Mattia Binotto has let the media know that Ferrari aren't making any personell changes over the summer break as they continue to crash out of the championship fight.

Personally I don't see Ferrari ever winning a title unde the power of Mattia Binotto. He's a brilliant engineer don't get me wrong but it seems as if he doesn't have the power and determination of his rivals Christian Horner and Toto Wolff to win titles and unless he doesn't find that quickly Ferrari aren't going anywhere fast.

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