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Max Verstappen tired of constant "disrespect" from Sky F1 Media

Max Verstappen's boycott of Sky F1 Media in Mexico was due to the constant "disrespect" from its pundits all season long.

While Max Verstappen drove to a dominant Mexico Grand Prix win on Sunday, things off track overshadowed the victory after he boycott Sky F1 Media. The reigning world champion decided to skip media sessions with Sky Sports F1 due to constant "disrespect" from its pundits and singled out "one person in particular" who seems to be pitlane reporter Ted Kravitz.

During 'Ted's Notebook' Kravitz used "robbed" on multiple occasions through a segment to describe how Verstappen went onto win the 2021 world title at a dramatic and controversial Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. This was the final nail in the coffin at Red Bull as none of its personnel or drivers were interviewed by Sky F1 Media on its English, German or Italian channels.

The segment in question was from the United States Grand Prix weekend when Ted was summing up the race at the front and the fight between Hamilton and Verstappen in the final laps of the race. Team boss Christian Horner said the team was "disappointed with a series of derogatory comments that have been made on Sky."

Horner then went on to say that he wants a balance in commentary and although that the commentary is to the highest standard on Sky but he also wants there to be less "sensationalisation" around some aspects of the sport.

Max Verstappen also criticised the toxicity of social media and how that can affect a person and thinks he and Red Bull are an easy target for fans to hate. Horner also voiced this opinion in interviews and hopes that commentary teams and broadcasters can be impartial.

Red Bull will be back talking to Sky F1 Media at the next race at the Brazillian Grand Prix which takes place from the 11th to the 13th of November.

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