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Lewis Hamilton willing to test "old school" IndyCar

Over the Miami Grand Prix weekend Lewis Hamilton reveiled he would be up for an "old school" IndyCar test if he was given the chance.

Lewis Hamilton competing at the Miami Grand Prix

The question over how long Lewis Hamilton will be in Formula 1 has been asked around the paddock for a few years now. However both Lewis and Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff say that he is commited to F1 as the two parties discuss a contract extension. Hamilton is out of contract at the end of this year but Wolff has said that the negotiations are going well and it is just a matter of money.

When talking to Toto Wolff said, “It's not any difficult contract negotiations, it's just putting a different timeline and a few different numbers in there. And that's what we do. We're working on this. It’s a work in progress, bouncing emails back and forth. And eventually we're going to sign it.”

When asked in the media about whether he would follow world champions Kimi Raikkonen, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso into a different series after his F1 career is over Hamilton said “I did a car swap with Tony Stewart years ago, which was fun. I'd love to try it at some stage." - via Hamilton went onto mention the bike swap he did with MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi which was apart of a day set up by Monster Energy where two of the greats would swap machinery with Rossi driving the Mercedes W07 F1 car.

Lewis Hamilton on the Miami Grand Prix drivers parade

Hamilton went to explain that he does watch IndyCar sometimes and expressed his willingness to test one of the cars. Hamilton went onto say that he would prefer to test one of the older generation IndyCars as he does not like the new protective aeroscreen on the car which was brought into the sport a couple years ago.

Lewis would go onto say, “But right now, my focus is solely on Formula 1. So, I don't plan on leaving here anytime soon.” The seven time world champion is currently sitting in 4th of the championship after a tough 2022 season with the same being said for the start of the 2023 season. He started the Miami Grand Prix in 13th and managed to fight his way up to sixth showing that he has not lost his never give up spirit.

Mercedes is currently in a battle for second best in the constructors championship against Ferrari and Aston Martin who currently holds second place by six points over the silver arrows with the Scuderia just 14 points behind them. The Brackley based team has a major upgrade coming for this weekends Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix with changes to the sidepods, floor and suspension.

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