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Lewis Hamilton: 'We Race As One' just words, no real change, Verstappen and Vettel speak up too

Many fans that attended last weekend's Austrian Grand Prix have reported that they got abused and harassed by other fans while at the circuit. Lewis Hamilton has said that more needs to change, in order for F1 to be a safe sport for all.

On Sunday morning, just hours ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, Formula 1 released a statement condemning some fans' unacceptable behaviour observed during the two previous days.

A fair amount of fans who attended the Grand Prix were tweeting through the weekend, reporting that they or someone they know or saw, has been sexually or verbally abused, catcalled or even touched inapropriately by other -so called- fans.

A video of a man burning a Mercedes cap also went viral after the race, with Lewis Hamilton speaking on the matter:

"That then reflects the direction we’re going and it also often does reflect what our fan-base looks like. It’s time for action.

"We Race as One was all good and well, but it was just words. It didn't actually do anything. There was no funding towards anything, there was no programme to actually create change and spark that conversation.

"So, definitely [we] need to utilise our platforms. But we really have to step up and actually really start actioning some of the things we're saying. Just saying [words], it’s not enough.

“It’s unacceptable. It's not enough."

Max Verstappen also talked about the issue, condemning "shocking" harassment:

"Of course it’s not good. These things shouldn’t happen. I read a few shocking things, so that’s clearly not OK.

"I shouldn’t even need to say this, I think this should be a general understanding that these things shouldn’t happen. A normal human being should think like that and should behave like that."

Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff urged abusive F1 fans to "stay at home", with Sebastian Vettel calling for life bans for those fans.

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