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Lewis Hamilton on the "most painful race" he has ever competed in

Lewis Hamilton struggled throughout the Azerbaijan weekend with Baku but the effects really showed on Sunday.

It was a painful race for Lewis Hamilton in Baku dealing with back pain through the weekend but the effects really showed on Sunday when the 7 time world champion struggled and took a moment to get out of the car.

He told Sky Sports F1 "I was just holding and biting down on my teeth due to the pain, and the adrenaline [helped], I cannot express the pain that you experience, particularly on the straight here."

Hamilton helped Mercedes tie their best race result of the season coming home in 4th with teammate George Russell on the podium in 3rd. Russell had also complained of back pain in practice and qualifying with drivers up and down the grid voicing their opinions too.

The back pain is coming from the bouncing that 2022 cars are producing and with the position of the drivers in the car it has an increased effect with the bottom of their spine practically hitting off the tarmac just a couple inches below them.

Drivers are wanting the FIA to look into the safety concerns that bouncing is causing with some expecting a bigger incident to come sooner rather than later with the effect it has on them.

Meanwhile Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says Mercedes are asking their drivers to

"bitch" about back pain and safety concerns in order for the FIA to hurry up an investigation into health and safety concerns.

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