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Lando Norris reveals the extent of back issues caused by the era of cars

Back injuries were a common talking of the 2022 season and now Lando Norris has revealed that he has suffered from back issues due to the new era of cars introduced last year.

Lando Norris driving for McLaren

Lando Norris revealed that he had been suffering with back issues since F1 introduced the new era of ground effect cars which are set up to be more stiff to generate more downforce. With the stiffness of the cars being increased it means that they are less forgiving on the drivers backs that are sat right on the bottom of the car.

Norris says that last years McLaren left him in "constant pain" from porpoising. Him and his trainer have had to do extra work on his back over the 2023 season to limit the pain and stop the issues from recurring. McLaren have also done their part to reduce the possibility of injuries both Norris Piastri.

Lando Norris celebrating his podium at the British Grand Prix in July

When speaking to the medium Norris had this to say, "I have to stretch morning and evening, before every session. If I don't then I always struggle a lot more with my back."

"It's not just racing. It's just something that I've had to work on in general anyway. But it's definitely not helped by some of the changes on the car over the last couple of years. It got to a pretty bad point last year, every day I was struggling with sleep and everything... just in constant pain."

Meanwhile the McLaren team has seen an improved run of form during the middle of this season with two podium finishes after struggling start to the year and looking to be one of the slowest teams. In Austria the team brought a range of upgrade and looked to be challenging for podiums.

At the British Grand Prix the team shocked everyone with a second and third position in qualifying then Norris getting the jump on Verstappen at the start of the race to take the lead but would eventually come home second but still within touching distance of Red Bull. The British team from Woking definitely look like they are in a much better state since the start of the season and with eight races remaining in the season could take a surprise win to stop Red Bull's dominance.

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