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Kevin Magnussen has nerve pain from bouncing 2022 cars

Kevin Magnussen has nerve pain in his arm and jaw from 'porpoising' 2022 cars.

The porpoising effect from the 2022 cars has been tough on teams throughout the 2022 season but now seems to punishing the drivers.

Dane Kevin Magnussen has suffered from nerve pain in his arm and jaw from the continous bouncing on his Haas car. During the Australian Grand Prix weekend Magnussen told his physios he was suffering from some pain in his arm and jaw.

“I talked about it with him and we kind of saw that it was because of the bouncing. The spinal cord just pushed, pushed all the time on the nerves," Nikolaj Madsen told

Kevin Magnussen is not the only driver to suffer from the bouncing as Lewis Hamilton said he was tired from his teeth and jaw moving all the time while driving. While Carlos Sainz Jr has expressed his concern for long term health effects on drivers.

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