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Italian GP 2022 - Penalties: Who's starting where?

Many teams are choosing Monza to take on new PU parts and upgrades, just because they want to, have to, or are forced to. Here's your penalty guide for this weekend's Italian Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen

The 2021 World Champion will receive his 5th ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) of the season, and will therefore start the Italian Grand Prix 5 places off his Qualifying position.

Sergio Perez

The second Red Bull car will also receive new parts, with Sergio Perez getting another ICE as well, with that being his 4th of the season. The Mexican will receive a 10-place grid drop for Sunday's race.

Carlos Sainz

Double penalty for the Spaniard, as Ferrari will mount a new MGU-K, his 5th of the season, and a new ES (Energy Store), his 3rd, as well as his 5th Gearbox Cases, Casettes, Driveline, Gear Change Components and Auxiliary Components. The Ferrari driver will receive a 15+10-place grid drop.

UPDATE: Carlos Sainz will start the Italian Grand Prix from the back of the grid, after taking a new CE (Control Electronics). He also received his 4th reprimand of the season, as he drove "unnecessarily slowly at T1" during FP3.

Lewis Hamilton

The 7-time World Champion was practically forced to take on new PU parts, as his engine was damaged after the crash he suffered at the Dutch Grand Prix. Mercedes has already mounted the 4th ICE, TC, MGU-H and MGU-K to the Briton's car, resulting in him having to start the Italian Grand Prix from the back of the grid.

Valtteri Bottas

Still struggling with reliability, the Finn will take new PU elements, with Alfa Romeo will give him his 6th ICE of the season, as well as his 7th TC and MGU-H. Bottas has received a 15-place grid drop for Sunday's race.

Yuki Tsunoda

Another double penalty: The Japanese driver has "accumulated 5 reprimands during the championship", resulting in him receiving a drop of 10 grid positions. AlphaTauri has mounted an all-new PU ahead of the weekend (ICE, TC, MGU-H, MGU-K), being the driver's 6th of the 2022 season, and therefore he will be required to start the GP from the back of the grid.

UPDATE: Kevin Magnussen is the next driver to join the ones who will receive a PU-related penalty ahead of this weekend’s race, as Haas have replaced his ICE, TC and MGU-H, and will therefore start the Italian GP, 15 places off his Qualifying position.

UPDATE: Esteban Ocon has received a 5-place grid penalty, as Alpine have mounted a new ICE (5th of the season) on his car.

UPDATE: Mick Schumacher will also receive a 10+5-place grid drop, as Haas have used a new ICE and a new gearbox as well.

This article will keep being updated during the weekend, as more penalties might occur as the Italian GP goes on.

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