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How Red Bull could have problems between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez

With Sergio Perez winning in Monaco the Mexican has thrown himself right into championship contention.

Red Bull could soon locked into a inter team championship fight with Sergio Perez winning at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Team principal Christian Horner has admitted the team does not care which driver wins the championship with Verstappen sitting in 1st with Perez only 15 points behind him in 3rd with Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc between the two. With Verstappen seen as the first driver and Horner saying the team just want a world champion it could put a riff between the two.

Perez has just came off a outstanding win at Monaco and just a couple days after signed a new 2 year deal that will see him there until the end of 2024 proving that the team certainly does need him and want him.

1996 World Champion Damon Hill speaking on the F1 Nation Podcast expects a Vettel/Webber rivarly to possibly be a talking point of the 2022 season as things heat up in the championship. Max will want to be the dominant number 1 driver but Perez has shown he is consistent and can compete with the Dutchman.

Monaco was an unbelievably strong weekend for Perez winning the race and being faster than Verstappen in every session over the weekend. We could see tensions rise once again in Baku this weekend as Perez is strong at the track winning last year after Verstappen failed to finish.

Speaking of Baku it is one of the tracks where Verstappen has not finish on the podium yet DNF'ing in the last 2 of the 3 races there.

Will we see a rivalry start between Verstappen and Perez develop as the season goes on?

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