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F1 says circuit signs are not decorations for your house

Fans often "steal" circuit signs after the end of a Grand Prix. Let's say that F1 isn't happy about that.

After the end of each race, F1 fans are allowed to enter various parts of the track, and it's often observed that some of them raid the circuit by stealing DRS signs, cones, poles, marketing flags and other track elements.

Many videos have emerged on social media, showing fans removing the signage, mentioned above, and taking them with them, as souvenirs, or assumably, home decorations.

According to, the FIA has announced, ahead of the French Grand Prix, that it's planning on tackling the phenomenon by surveilling on-track camera footage, to identify any perpetrators and refer them to the local authorities so they can face prosecution for stealing or damaging public property.

It seems that fans aren't behaving like they should lately, with the Austrian Grand Prix being characterised as one of the worst Grands Prix, in terms of fan experience, with many spectators reporting abusive and hateful behaviours from other -so called- fans. Many drivers spoke on the matter, including Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen, as well as Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff.

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