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F1's owners have admitted that Verstappen's domination is an issue

Max Verstappen could be two F1 race wins away from winning the 2023 championship and F1's owners have admitted that his domination could soon be a challenge.

Verstappen celebrating his record breaking 10th consecutive win at the Italian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen won a record breaking 10th consecutive race at the Italian Grand Prix this past weekend. The win means he can now wrap up the championship as early as the Japanese Grand Prix just two weeks from now. An early championship win for Verstappen could see viewers turn away from watching Formula 1.

F1's popularity recently soared due to Netflix's 'Drive To Survive' series which has pulled in record breaking viewership for the sport and seen hundreds of thousands of fans flock to grand prix circuits around the world. But with Red Bull winning every race so far this season the sport could see a drop off in viewership as F1's owners Liberty Media hope to sustain viewers from the last few seasons.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has also had a shift in how he sells the sport for the rest of the season rather than wanting fans to watch for the racing they want fans to watch a historical season unfold and then get them to stay for the racing next season. Domenicali also highlighted that the midfield racing is closer than ever before and that there is more overtakes than previous seasons.

Max Verstappen on the grid for the Italian Grand Prix

At an event in Germany Liberty Media owner Maffei said "The midfield is quite interesting, and we can show statistically there's more overtaking than has ever occurred. The challenge obviously is Max Verstappen is having an unbelievable year, or record-setting year."

"Stefano Domenicali is rightly trying to pivot and say, 'Come watch this historic event, you've never seen success like this, you don't want to miss it.' We'll see if that works."

Will Verstappen's dominance continue when F1 heads to the Singapore Grand Prix next weekend? Only time will tell.

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