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F1 presents short film 'When We Were Young', showcasing drivers' childhood memories

The FIA has announced the making of a short film featuring all 20 drivers of the 2022 grid, presenting parts of their childhood.

In the 17' documentary, all 20 F1 drivers talk about what made them want to start racing, how they got into the sport and the journey of their beginning.

F1 said: "Every Formula 1 driver started with a dream.

"A dream that would one day become a reality.

"In this film, all of the current Formula 1 drivers share their memories, their beginnings, and explain to us what transformed them, what created their desire to compete, what made them pursue the dream that made them who they are today.

"They are the living example of a dream come true. You can now hear their stories."

According to the FIA, the organisation aims to encourage more people of all ages, genders and colours to get involved in the sport, "by inspiring the next generation to follow in the footsteps of the world’s greatest competitors."

Apart from the 17' video that was posted on the FIA's social media this morning, there will be another 20 90" videos, each one of them featuring one driver, created and posted throughout the season.

Watch the video here:

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