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Ex Ferrari CEO Jean Todt talks about his relationship with Michael Schumacher

Former Ferrari CEO and FIA President Jean Todt was recently at an event to represent Michael Schumacher to recieve an award and spoke on his relationship with the legendary driver.

Jean Todt was in Colonge on Wednesday with Michael Schumacher's family to recieve a prestigious civilian award which is the highest award someone can given in the region of Germany where Michael Schumacher and brother Ralf were born.

Todt spoke on his current relationship with Michael Schumacher to RTL saying, “I don’t miss Michael, I see him,” going on to say, “Yes, it’s true, I watch races with Michael.

“But sure, I guess what I miss is what we used to do together.”

He also spoke about the relationship he has with the Schumacher family, “You have people around you who are just special. And in a way, Michael is also very special.

“Corinna, Mick and Gina have also become special to me. They have all become family to me, to my wife and to my son.”

Michael Schumacher himself has not been seen or heard from since his skiing accident back in December 2013 just one year after retiring from Formula 1 for the second time in his career. His condition hasn't been largely spoken of for a few years now but the recent Schumacher documentary give a little bit of light to the situation with wife Corrina saying that the family want to keep as comfortable and protected as possible.

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