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Christian Horner accuses teams of telling their drivers to complain about porpoising

Christian Horner accuses teams of asking their drivers to "b*tch"about porpoising issues.

The main term used around the weekend in Baku, no doubt upcoming races and the entire season "porpoising" has given teams up and down the grid a headache and is now starting to cause safety concerns.

Numerous drivers have now voiced their concerns about health and safety issues that come with continous bouncing through the weekend race. Hamilton had severe back pain through the race in Azerbaijan, teammate Russell also had considerable back pain, Gasly, Sainz, Ricciardo, Magnussen amongst others have also had big concerns.

Meanwhile Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has accused teams of telling their drivers to "b*tch" about back problems and safety concerns to try and get the FIA to change the rules or at least investigate the drivers concerns. The rule change would see the FIA ask teams to increase the ride hide height so that porpoising would not be an issue but Horner says that is the teams problem not the FIA.

An increase in ride height would see teams losing performance but stop porpoising and the car bottoming out on track. Some teams are in favour of a rule change mainly Mercedes and Ferrari while Red Bull and other teams who are unknown want to put a stop the FIA changing the rule who are gaining perfomance after fixing their porpoising problems early in the season.

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