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BREAKING: Carlos Sainz and Kevin Magnussen to start French GP from the back of the grid

Ferrari's Carlos Sainz and Haas's Kevin Magnussen are set to start tomorrow's race from the last row of the grid.

The first half of the 2022 season is already over, so more teams and drivers start introducing more Power Units into their pool. The teams decide when the best time for those upgrades is, strategically, entering "damage limitation" mode, on those weekends.

Following his Austrian GP DNF, due to a dramatic engine blowup at the closing stages of the race, Carlos Sainz will be forced to start the French GP from the back of the grid, as Ferrari have mounted an all-new Power Unit on his car. He initially received a 10-place grid drop, as the Italian team only changed the EC, but they eventually decided, after FP2, that an all new PU would be a safer option.

It's no secret that Ferrari have had some reliability issues, not only with their constructor team, but also with the customer teams, Alfa Romeo and Haas. It's Kevin Magnussen's turn now to receive his 4th engine of the season, and will therefore start tomorrow's race from the back. Magnussen received a new ICU, TC, MGU-K and MGU-H.

Either way, both drivers have shown how good their recovery game is, and, with an errorless start and the perfect strategy, they could find themselves into the point-awarding top 10.

Note: Lando Norris has been summoned by the stewards for "impeding car 18 during a practice start", but no news have emerged yet.

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