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BREAKING: Sources say Porsche is ready to buy 50% of Red Bull

Various sources report that Porsche and Red Bull seem to have come to an agreement regarding Red Bull's stakes, with Porsche AG buying 50% of it.

According to, Porsche seems to be on course to enter Formula 1, as it's understood that the agreement on buying 50% of Red Bull's stakes has already been signed.

The news broke from Morocco, as the joint application that Porsche AG and Red Bull GmbH submitted has been approved by all antitrust authorities around EU, plus 20 countries outside the Union. Legislation in Morocco requires that such applications must be made public, once approved.

The agreement was going to be made known at the Austrian GP, Red Bull's home race, but, with the FIA not finalising the changes in engine rules for 2026 on June 29th, as planned, the announcement was postponed.

The announcement of the 2026 engine rules is a requirement, for Porsche AG to communicate their entry to F1, but the news have already gone viral. Porsche is set to enter the sport, not only as an engine supplier, as we first thought, but as a stakeholder as well, buying the 50% Red Bull's stakes.

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