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AWS: Six new Insights Graphics to be introduced.

F1 has been working with AWS (Amazon Web Services) for the last 2 years, on the television broadcast area - among others, developing graphics that show info and data during the race in real time.

This season, 6 new graphics are being introduced, starting this weekend in Imola.

More specifically:

  • Braking performance: Will show how each driver's braking style effects the way they exit each turn, collecting GPS data such as the exerted kWh during braking, G forces, as well as the speed in which the drivers approach each turn.

  • Car exploitation: Will debut in Canada, and will show when the drivers push the car to the limit, in order to extract maximum performance, observing areas such as tyre traction, braking and acceleration on key-points during the race.

  • Energy usage: Will debut in Silverstone, showing the power unit usage during the race, especially during overtaking, when the drivers use maximum capacity of the engine.

  • Start analysis: Will debut in Monza, indicating which drivers responded quicker, as well as which ones struggled in the race start and why.

  • Pitlane Performance: Will be introduced in Suzuka, revealing each team's efficiency in pit stops, using data other than stop time and total time lost.

  • Undercut Threat: Will be an additional Pit Strategy Battle feature, which has already appeared on last season's broadcasts, and will calculate the risk of being undercut, based on pit stop data.

Click here to watch the Braking performance introduction.

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