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Apple announce F1 Movie with Lewis Hamilton as a producer

Apple have gotten the rights to make a new F1 Movie starring Brad Pitt with Lewis Hamilton as a producer.

Although the movie has not been given a title yet we know that Brad Pitt will be starring as a retired F1 driver who comes back into racing to help a younger driver and take one last chance at victory by becoming their temmate.

7 time world champion Lewis Hamilton has been announced as a producer on the movie. The director will be Joseph Kosinski who also directed Top Gun: Maverick with Ehren Kruger the scriptwriter.

The unnamed film will have a budget of $140 million dollar which is ironically the budget cap of this years F1 season. Apple seem to be jumping onto the ever expanding growth of F1 after a big market opened in the States thanks to the Netlfix series 'Drive To Survive' which has brought a lot of new fans to the sport.

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