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Alfa Romeo will make their decision on F1 future in a few weeks

Every summer Alfa Romeo review there position in F1 and their partnership with Sauber Motorsport but this year could be a little different.

Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato says the Italian car maker will review their position and status within F1 over the coming weeks. The car manufacturer currently has a deal with Sauber Motorsport which has been going on since 2018.

The deal with Sauber gets reviewed every year in the summer as per the agreement between the two parties. Alfa Romeo has seen a big interest and rise in their brand since joining F1 with an ever growing market as the sport is currently at a new high in popularity.

Jean-Philippe Imparato spoke to saying “I will decide 2023 with our colleagues in the coming weeks.” The deal has reportedly always been flexible between Alfa Romeo and Sauber with both sides happy with how things are going considering where the team is in the standings and having one of their drivers in the top 10 of the drivers title.

However Alfa Romeo have said they wouldn't blame Sauber if they looked elsewhere for branding and sponsors to take over from them. Audi seem to be the brand that was being referenced here after rumours that the German car manufacturer is looking to buy into a team and Sauber heavily rumoured to be that team.

Alfa Romeo don't actually own the F1 team, it is just a title partnership with their CEO saying there is a big difference between being a title partner and actually having responsibility of looking after and owning a F1 team.

Jean-Philippe Imparato went on to say, “So, to be clear, any negotiation on the engine, any negotiation and anything in terms of partnership is led by Fred Vasseur and Sauber, in the best interests of Sauber.

“The best interests of Alfa Romeo is to have the return on investment each and every year, and the progress in terms of performance each and every year. That’s it. The rest is completely, I would say, separate.”

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