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Albert Park Circuit Layout Updated

As many fans know Australia hasn't been known for its overtaking the last few seasons but the track is making plans to change this.

Turn 1 will be widen by 2.5m to the drivers right, this potentially opens up the corner so drivers can overtake on the inside. The same can be said with turn 3 which is widen by an extra 4m.

Turn 6 has the biggest changes with a 7.5m widening and instead of a medium speed chicane it is now one turn however there still will be a turn 7 which has no change to it that feeds into turn 8.

The most noticable changes will be to the chicane at turns 9 and 10. The chicane will be completely removed giving drivers a long run down to the fast left-right chicane of turns 11 and 12. This is to open up overtaking into the chicane with the possibility of a DRS zone going down that section of the track.

Turn 13s corner entry will be straightened and extended by 3.5m. This is to increase overtaking down the straight which has been a DRS zone for a couple seasons now but rarely sees any overtaking due to the corners entry but with the new changes overtaking should be possible with these changes in place.

Turn 15 will also be widened to give a overtaking chance into the last couple of corners before a run down to the start/finish line.

It isn't until November that we see these changes come into play at the Australia Grand Prix but it will be interesting to see how much these changes impact racing at Albert Park and if overtaking will finally be possible instead of seeing only a few changes in position during the race.

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