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Round 11 - British Grand Prix - July 7th - 9th

Everything you need to know about the British Grand Prix

Round 11 - British Grand Prix - July 7th - 9th


The Silverstone Circuit was built in 1942, on the ground of a former Royal Air Force bomber station. It was first used in 1948, but Formula 1 didn’t use it until 1950, when the first British Grand Prix was held on site. Giuseppe Farina was the winner of the inaugural race, who also won that year's World Championship title.

Bahrain Grand Prix Track.png


Turns: 18
DRS Zones: 2
Circuit Length: 5.891 km (3.660 mi)
Total Race Distance: 306.198 km (190.262 mi)
Number of Laps: 52
Lap Record: 1:27.097 (Max Verstappen, 2020)

What the 2022 British Grand Prix gave us

The 2022 race in Silverstone will always be remembered as Carlos Sainz’ first ever victory. The Spaniard was able to convert Saturday’s pole position to maiden Grand Prix victory, after Esteban Ocon triggered the deployment of a Safety Car, as his Alpine slowly “died”, at the closing stages of the race. Sainz pit under SC to switch to a fresh set of tyres, while his teammate, Charles Leclerc, who was leading at the time, didn’t act the same way. This allowed Sainz to overtake at the race restart, and finish ahead of Sergio Perez, in P2, and Lewis Hamilton, in P3, as Leclerc dropped to P4.

Last 5 Winners

2022: Carlos Sainz, Ferrari
2021: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
2020: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
2019: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
2018: Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari


Friday July 7th:
Practice 1 (FP1) : 12:30 - 13:30
Practice 2 (FP2): 16:00 - 17:00

Saturday July 8th:
Practice 3 (FP3): 11:30 - 12:30
Qualifying: 15:00 - 16:00

Sunday July 9th:
Race Start: 15:00

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