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Intercity Istanbul Park



The Turkish Grand Prix is a Formula One race that has been held intermittently at several circuits in Turkey. The race was first held in 2005 at the Istanbul Park circuit, and has also been held at the Istanbul Park circuit in subsequent years.

The Istanbul Park circuit was designed by Hermann Tilke and features a challenging layout with a mix of high-speed corners and technical sections. The circuit is known for its famous Turn 8, a fast, sweeping left-hander that is one of the most challenging corners in Formula One.

The first Turkish Grand Prix was held in 2005 and was won by Kimi Raikkonen driving for McLaren. The race has been won by a variety of drivers and teams over the years, including Felipe Massa, Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel, and Lewis Hamilton.

After being absent from the calendar for several years, the Turkish Grand Prix returned in 2020 at the Istanbul Park circuit. The race was won by Hamilton, who dominated the event and clinched his seventh world championship title.

Overall, the Turkish Grand Prix has been an important event in the world of Formula One, and has provided many exciting moments and memorable races over the years. The Istanbul Park circuit is widely regarded as one of the best tracks on the calendar, and the race remains a popular event among fans and drivers alike.

Capacity: 125,000
FIA Grade: 1 (Grand Prix), 3 (Intermediate)
Owner: Intercity (2012–present)
Bernie: Ecclestone (2007–2012)
Broke ground: 23 September 2003
Opened: 19 August 2005; 17 years ago
Architect: Hermann Tilke
Former names: Istanbul Park (2005–2012)

Major events
Formula One
Turkish Grand Prix
(2005–2011, 2020–2021)
Grand Prix motorcycle racing
Turkish motorcycle Grand Prix
WTCC Race of Turkey
Le Mans Series
1000 km Istanbul (2005–2006)
World SBK (2013)
FIA World Rallycross Championship World RX of Turkey (2014–2015)
DTM (2005)
FIA GT (2005)
International GT Open (2006)
World Series by Renault (2006)
European Truck Racing Championship (2012)

Grand Prix Circuit (2005–present)
Length: 5.338 km (3.317 miles)
Turns: 14
Race lap record: 1:24.770 (Juan Pablo Montoya, McLaren MP4-20, 2005[3], F1)

Intermediate Circuit
Length: 3.925 km (2.439 miles)
Turns: 13

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