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Valencia Street Circuit



Valencia Street Circuit is located in the city of Valencia, Spain. The circuit was designed by German architect Hermann Tilke and was first used for the European Grand Prix in 2008.

The circuit was 5.4 km long and featured 25 turns, including a number of high-speed straights and tight hairpin bends. The track winds its way through the streets of the city, including around the marina and harbor area, and offers a unique and challenging racing experience for drivers and teams.

The Valencia Street Circuit hosted the European Grand Prix from 2008 to 2012, as well as a number of other motorsport events, including the World Touring Car Championship and the GP2 Series. The circuit was known for its high-speed sections, particularly the final straight, which offered drivers the chance to reach speeds of over 320 km/h.

Despite its popularity among drivers and fans, the Valencia Street Circuit was removed from the Formula One calendar after the 2012 season due to financial issues. The circuit has since been left to ruin and has been abandoned. If you walk the track today you can still see left over walls, kerbs and track markings.

Overall, the Valencia Street Circuit has played an important role in the world of motorsport, and its unique location and challenging layout have made it a favorite among fans and drivers alike. Although it is no longer used for Formula One races, the circuit continues to be a popular venue for other motorsport events and remains an important part of the motorsport landscape in Spain and beyond.

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