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Korea International Circuit

South Korea

South Korea

The South Korean Grand Prix was a Formula One race that was held at the Korea International Circuit in Yeongam, South Korea, from 2010 to 2013. The race was part of the Formula One World Championship and was held in the fall.

The Korea International Circuit was built specifically for the South Korean Grand Prix and featured a challenging layout with a mix of high-speed corners and tight turns. The circuit was designed by Hermann Tilke, who has designed many of the modern Formula One circuits around the world.

The first South Korean Grand Prix was held in 2010 and was won by Fernando Alonso driving for Ferrari. The race was marked by difficult weather conditions, with heavy rain causing multiple accidents and safety car periods. The race was won by Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel in 2011, 2012 and its final race in 2013.

Despite its relatively short history, the South Korean Grand Prix was known for its challenging track layout and beautiful setting, with the circuit located near the coast and surrounded by hills. However, the race struggled to attract large crowds and faced financial difficulties, leading to its removal from the Formula One calendar after the 2013 season.

Overall, the South Korean Grand Prix was a significant event in the world of Formula One during its brief existence, and provided many exciting moments and memorable races. While the race may no longer be a part of the Formula One calendar, it remains an important part of the sport's history and legacy.

Capacity: 135,000
FIA Grade: 1
Broke ground: 2 September 2009
Opened: 11 October 2010
Construction cost: 88 billion won

Major events:
Porsche Carrera Cup Asia (2015, 2023)
Superrace Championship

Formula One
Korean Grand Prix (2010–2013)
Blancpain GT World Challenge Asia (2019)
TCR Asia Series (2016, 2018)
TCR Korea (2018)

Grand Prix Circuit (2010–present)
Length: 5.615 km (3.489 miles)
Turns: 18
Race lap record: 1:39.605 (Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull RB7, 2011, F1)

National Circuit: (2010–present)
Length: 3.045 km (1.892 miles)
Turns: 11
Race lap record: 1:20.191 (Peter Terting, Hyundai i30 N TCR, 2018, TCR Touring Car)

Short Grand Prix Circuit (2019–present)
Length: 3.312 km (2.057 miles)
Turns: 13

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