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Magny-Cours Circuit



Magny-Cours Circuit is a motorsport circuit located in, France. The circuit was inaugurated in 1960 and has since become a prominent venue for national and international motorsport events, including Formula One races.

The circuit has undergone several modifications and upgrades over the years to meet the requirements and safety standards of different racing series. The layout of the track has varied, but the current configuration is 4.411 km long and features a mix of fast straights, challenging corners, and technical sections.

Magny-Cours Circuit hosted the French Grand Prix, part of the Formula One World Championship, from 1991 to 2008. Some of the most iconic moments in Formula One history have occurred at Magny-Cours, including epic battles between drivers and championship-deciding races.

In addition to Formula One, Magny-Cours Circuit has also hosted a range of other motorsport events, such as touring car races, endurance races, and motorcycle races. The circuit has proven to be a versatile venue that attracts different categories of motorsport.

Magny-Cours Circuit offers modern facilities and amenities, including grandstands, pit buildings, and garages, making it an appealing destination for teams, drivers, and spectators alike.

While the French Grand Prix is currently hosted at Circuit Paul Ricard, Magny-Cours Circuit continues to hold a significant place in the history of motorsport in France. Its challenging layout, rich motorsport heritage, and strategic location make it a memorable circuit for both drivers and fans.

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