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Zolder Circuit



Zolder Circuit is a motorsport circuit located in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. The circuit was opened in 1963 and has since hosted a number of national and international motorsport events, including the Belgian Grand Prix.

The original layout of the track was 2.6 km long and featured a variety of corners and straights. In 1975, the circuit was extended to 4.011 km and underwent a number of safety improvements, including the addition of chicanes and tire barriers.

Zolder Circuit is known for its challenging layout and has a reputation as a technical and demanding circuit. The circuit features a variety of corners, including fast and sweeping turns as well as tight hairpins, and requires a high level of skill and precision from drivers.

Over the years, Zolder Circuit has hosted a variety of motorsport events, including touring car races, endurance races, and Formula One races. The circuit was the site of a number of memorable moments in motorsport history, including the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix, which was won by Didier Pironi in controversial circumstances.

Today, Zolder Circuit remains an important part of the motorsport landscape in Belgium and continues to host a variety of national and international events each year. With its challenging layout and rich history, the circuit is a favorite among fans and drivers alike.

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