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Montjuïc Circuit

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Montjuïc circuit is a former motorsport circuit located in Barcelona, Spain. The circuit was in use between 1950 and 1975 and hosted a number of national and international motorsport events, including the Spanish Grand Prix.

The circuit was situated in the Montjuïc neighborhood of Barcelona and was a temporary street circuit that utilized public roads. The layout of the track was 3.79 km long and featured a variety of corners and straights, including a long uphill section and a hairpin at the top of the hill.

The Montjuïc circuit was known for its challenging layout and was a favorite among drivers, although it was also notoriously dangerous. The circuit was the site of a number of serious accidents, including a crash in 1975 that killed four people and led to the cancellation of the Spanish Grand Prix that year.

Despite its short lifespan, the Montjuïc circuit is an important part of motorsport history and is remembered fondly by fans and drivers alike. The circuit was known for its picturesque location and challenging layout, and helped to establish Barcelona as a center of motorsport in Spain. Today, the streets of Montjuïc remain a popular destination for tourists and motorsport enthusiasts alike, and the circuit is commemorated by a number of monuments and historical markers throughout the neighborhood.

There is now a plague of the track located outside the Olympic stadium which was used for the 1994 Summer Olympics. The Olympic museum features pictures of the old circuit and includes a McLaren of Mika Hakkinen that you can walk around and look inside.

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