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Adelaide Parklands Circuit



The Adelaide Street Circuit, also known as the Adelaide Parklands Circuit, is a former motorsport circuit located in Adelaide, Australia. The circuit was in use between 1985 and 1995 and hosted the Australian Grand Prix during that period.

The Adelaide Circuit was a temporary street circuit that utilized public roads and parklands in the city. The layout of the track was 3.78 km long and featured a mix of fast straights, tight chicanes, and challenging corners. The circuit was known for its high-speed sections, including the long Brabham Straight and the fast sweepers through the parklands.

The Australian Grand Prix became a highly anticipated event on the Formula One calendar during its tenure in Adelaide. The race produced numerous memorable moments, including battles for the championship and dramatic incidents. Notable drivers such as Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, and Michael Schumacher tasted success at the Adelaide Circuit.

The Adelaide Circuit also hosted other motorsport events, such as touring car races and support races, which attracted a significant number of fans and participants.

While the Australian Grand Prix moved to Melbourne in 1996, the Adelaide Circuit remains an important part of motorsport history in Australia. The track's layout and challenging nature made it a favorite among drivers, and its location in the heart of Adelaide provided a unique atmosphere for spectators.

Today, sections of the Adelaide Circuit are still recognizable in the city streets, and various markers and plaques commemorate its history. The circuit's legacy continues to be celebrated by motorsport enthusiasts, and its time as the host of the Australian Grand Prix holds a special place in the memories of Formula 1.

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