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Full Team Name: Scuderia Ferrari

Headquaters: Maranello, Italy

Team Chief: Frédéric Vasseur

Technical Chief: Enrico Cardile / Enrico Gualtieri

Chassis: SF-23

Power Unit: Ferrari

First Team Entry: 1950

World Championships: 16

Highest Race Finish: 1 (x243)

Pole Positions: 244

Fastest Laps: 259


Ferrari is one of the most iconic and successful teams in the history of Formula One, with a long and storied history in the sport. Here is a brief overview of Ferrari's involvement in Formula One:

  • Ferrari first competed in Formula One in 1950, and has competed in every season since then.

  • Ferrari has won 16 Constructors' Championships and 15 Drivers' Championships, making them the most successful team in the history of the sport.

  • Some of the most famous drivers in the history of Formula One have driven for Ferrari, including Michael Schumacher, Niki Lauda, Juan Manuel Fangio, and Gilles Villeneuve.

  • Ferrari has a reputation for building some of the most iconic cars in the history of the sport, including the 312T, F2002, and F2004.

  • In recent years, Ferrari has faced some challenges, with the team struggling to compete with Mercedes in the Constructors' Championship. However, the team is still considered one of the most prestigious and successful in the sport.

  • The team made a slight comeback in 2022 when they were fighting Red Bull for a drivers and constructors title. However reliability issues and mistakes made by the strategy team plagued their season and nearly lost 2nd place to a struggling Mercedes team.

Overall, Ferrari's involvement in Formula One is a major part of the sport's history. The team's success, iconic cars, and famous drivers have all helped to make Ferrari one of the most recognized and respected names in motorsport.

Charles Leclerc

Carlos Sainz

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